Antiandrogen RU58841


RU58841 is a potent antiandrogen that induces glandular and ductal regression with minimal side effects. It can also prevent miniaturization. However, if you plan to buy this supplement, you should consult your doctor first. It is possible to buy it from online suppliers, but they are often unreliable.

RU58841 is a potent antiandrogen

Antiandrogens are compounds that stop the growth of harmful androgens. When these hormones are present in the body, they trigger a chain reaction that amplifies over time. Antiandrogens can prevent hair loss and promote healthy hair growth. Although limited clinical research exists for this compound, it has gained a reputation for being effective in treating various hair and skin disorders. There are many suppliers who sell RU58841, but it’s important to purchase it from a reputable manufacturer.

This compound was discovered in 1994 by French researchers. The antiandrogenic effects of RU-58841 on hair and skin were observed in mice. However, it was not effective on deep accessory sex organs. Furthermore, RU-58841 had no effects on serum testosterone level.

RU-58841 is a topical solution that contains minoxidil and should be applied to the scalp without rubbing it into the hair. This prevents premature hair loss by inhibiting androgen receptors in the scalp. Minoxidil promotes hair growth by stimulating hair growth.

It has minimal side effects

RU58841 is a synthetic testosterone that is derived from plant and animal cells. Unlike other synthetic testosterones, this synthetic drug is safe to use and has minimal side effects. It inhibits the production of androgens, a hormone responsible for the growth of men’s prostate and sebaceous glands. Although it’s not a cure-all for male pattern baldness, it may help you reverse the condition.

Researchers in France started investigating RU58841 during the 1990s. They worked with the Roussel-UCLAF Corporation, and the early studies showed that it was effective in treating hair loss in animal models. In 1994, Hoechst acquired a significant portion of Roussel-UCLAF. By the end of the decade, Hoechst acquired over 50% of the company and agreed to merge with it.

After the merger, ProStrakan acquired the rights to RU58841 and began a human trial. Although the results were promising, they were not enough to convince ProStrakan to make the product commercially viable. After this trial, ProStrakan abandoned all further research on the drug. The company’s failure to move forward with the merger caused many employees to lose their jobs and several research projects were scrapped. As a result, the company’s executive team only focused on three key areas of pharmaceutical research – drugs that target cardiovascular disease and drugs that fight bacterial and viral infections.