PerMix: Revolutionizing Industrial Mixing Solutions Since 1954


PerMix has been at the forefront of the modern blending industry ever since its founding in 1954. PerMix, which has its headquarters in Chicago and produces high-performance mixers for a wide range of industries, including chemical, food, pharmaceutical, and more, has consistently demonstrated a commitment to both innovation and quality. Despite a legacy of excellence that spans more than six decades, PerMix continues to be the industry leader thanks to its sustainability initiatives, custom-engineered solutions, and significant influence on global industries.

Custom-Engineered Solutions: Tailored to Perfection

PerMix’s ability to provide custom-engineered solutions that are tailored to meet the specific requirements of their customers is one of their distinguishing characteristics. PerMix, in contrast to standard ready-made mixers, creates each mixer specifically to meet the demands of various applications and industries. This bespoke strategy guarantees the best possible performance, effectiveness, and dependability.

The specialized solutions offered by PerMix are especially useful in industries where accuracy and consistency are of the utmost importance. PerMix mixers, for example, are used in the pharmaceutical industry to guarantee the uniform mixing of active ingredients, which is necessary for making medicines that are both safe and effective. In a similar vein, their mixers can handle a wide range of viscosities and textures in the food industry, ensuring consistent quality in everything from doughs to sauces.

At PerMix, the process of developing a custom-engineered solution necessitates close client collaboration. Their team of skilled engineers collaborates with customers to comprehend their specific requirements, challenges, and objectives. PerMix can design and manufacture mixers that not only meet but frequently exceed customer expectations thanks to this collaborative approach.

Sustainability in Industrial Mixing

PerMix has positioned itself at the forefront of this movement as industries around the world become increasingly aware of the significance of sustainability. The business is committed to creating environmentally friendly mixing solutions that are not only effective and efficient.

The focus that PerMix places on energy-efficient designs is one of the most important aspects of its sustainability efforts. PerMix mixers are designed to maximize output while minimizing energy use. Businesses’ operational costs are reduced, and so is their impact on the environment. PerMix ensures that its products contribute to more sustainable industrial processes by investing in cutting-edge technologies and creative designs.

Additionally, PerMix significantly emphasizes the mixers’ durability and longevity. PerMix makes products that are built to last by using high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship. As a result, there is less waste and a push for a more environmentally friendly approach to industrial mixing.

Additionally, PerMix encourages the production of their mixers from environmentally friendly materials. They choose materials that are recyclable and less harmful to the environment whenever possible. From product design and manufacturing to disposal at their end of life, they have a strong commitment to sustainability.

Impact on Global Industries

The cutting-edge mixers developed by PerMix have significantly impacted numerous sectors worldwide. Numerous businesses have benefited from their capacity to offer dependable, high-performance mixing solutions that have enhanced their processes, increased efficiency, and produced better outcomes.

Emulsification, dispersion, and homogenization are just a few of the applications that PerMix mixers are used for in the chemical industry. These cycles are basic for delivering different substance items, from blocks of cement and sealants to paints and coatings. PerMix’s aptitude in making custom arrangements guarantees that their blenders can deal with the particular prerequisites of these perplexing cycles, prompting further developed item quality and consistency.

The food business likewise benefits extraordinarily from PerMix’s high-level blending advancements. Their blenders are intended to deal with an extensive variety of food items, guaranteeing that fixings are mixed consistently and productively. This is especially crucial for preserving food products’ flavor, texture, and quality. PerMix mixers are used to make everything from sauces and beverages to baked goods and confections, demonstrating their versatility and effectiveness.

PerMix mixers’ precision and dependability are crucial in the pharmaceutical industry. The company’s custom-engineered solutions guarantee that pharmaceutical products are mixed precisely, which is crucial to ensuring that medications are safe and effective. PerMix is a trusted partner for pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide due to their dedication to quality and innovation.

PerMix mixers are also used in cosmetics, biotechnology, and environmental engineering, among other fields. Their standing as a pioneer in industrial mixing has been solidified by their capacity to tailor solutions to each sector’s distinct requirements.


In the industrial mixing industry, PerMix has a legacy of excellence and innovation that is unparalleled. The business has been committed to providing high-quality, individualized solutions that meet the specific requirements of its customers since 1954. PerMix has established itself as a reputable brand in the field of industrial mixing thanks to its attention to sustainability and its significant influence on global industries.

Whether it’s the compound, food, drug, or some other industry, organizations all over the planet depend on PerMix for their blending needs. PerMix continues to revolutionize the industry and establish new high standards for excellence thanks to its dedication to sustainability, innovation, and quality. PerMix is the partner of choice for those looking for dependable, high-performance mixing solutions.

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